30cm Platform stand height extenders

30cm Platform stand height extenders

Product reference: LEG90
25 year global warranty. Guarantee!

Why Us

  • Enhanced Safety: Our must-have product is designed to prevent back injuries with its high-strength anodized aluminum and ultra-slip-resistant surface, ensuring a secure loading and unloading experience.
  • Convenient Handling: Experience hassle-free transportation with the ramp's comfortable and heavy-duty carrying handles, providing ease of use in various situations.
  • German Quality Assurance: As a specialized German brand with years of expertise in ladder and ramp production, we prioritize thicker gauge materials for increased strength and stability. Trust in the long-term durability of our products, backed by our commitment to the highest quality aluminum.

About the product

Height extenders must be used together with a Platform Stand PS60. By doing so, the working height will be increased by further 30cm (height adjustment in 10cm increments). Variable height can be increased by 10cm increments, using pre-drilled holes.

If more precise height adjustment is required, new holes in the exact same locations on each leg/extender can be drilled by the customer himself. (Customer is responsible for drilling the additional holes in the correct locations if they are deemed to be necessary).

Please note that using these height extenders, will make the platform less stable due to increased working height.


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30cm Platform stand height extenders