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1. Seller – WORHAN GmbH, Managing Director: Eugenijus Morkunas, Trade Registration Number: Siegburg HRB13762, Tax Identification Number: DE 815618541, Address: Industriestr. 26, 53842, Troisdorf, Germany. Telephone number: +49 17639656370; E-Mail .:

2.  - an online store located at


3. Buyer - 1) natural person, i.e. a person who has reached the age of majority, whose capacity is not restricted by court procedure; 2) a minor from the age of fourteen to eighteen years of age who has the consent of parents or carers, except when he is emancipated; 3) legal person; 4) duly authorized representatives of all the above persons.

4. Account – This is a result  of registering with this online shop and consequently  account is being created, storing of personal data and order history.

5. Services - all services provided to the Buyer.

6. A cookie is a small file that is sent to the device whenever any person visits this online shop.  This concept includes not only cookies, but also the use of similar tools.

7. Password - A unique combination of letters and numbers unique to the buyer and known to him, introduced for the first time by registering an within the online store, and later to sign into your account.

8. Browser - A program for displaying web pages  on the web or on a personal computer.

9. Personal data - any information relating to an individual - a data subject, whose identity is known or may be identified, directly or indirectly, using data such as a personal code, one or more physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics.

10. Personal Data Manager - You indicate your company name or Name and Surname if you are a natural person.

11. Privacy Policy - This document contains the basic rules for collecting, processing and storing personal data using your domain name.

12. Administrator - a responsible person for managing this online shop.

13. IP address - A unique number assigned to each computer connected to the Internet, known as the Internet Protocol (IP) address. Because these numbers are usually assigned to country blocks, the IP address can often be used to identify the country where the computer is connected to the Internet.

14. Rules - approved valid "Rules for the purchase and sale of goods in the online shop".








15. Direct marketing - activities aimed at offering goods or services by post, telephone or other direct means and / or inquiring their opinions on the goods or services offered.


16. At  the Privacy Policy provides for the basic rules for collecting, collecting, and processing personal data of the Buyer using the Services provided by


17. Privacy Policy is designed to protect defend provided Customer's Personal Data to   from Unauthorized Use. The Privacy Policy applies to accounts at

18. The buyer is considered to be familiar with this Privacy Policy and read it when expressing his consent to the processing of his Personal Data.

Our Privacy Policy can be accessed and reprinted at any time from

19. Buyers should note that within there are links to the websites of other persons, companies or organizations and that the Seller is not responsible for the content of such websites and / or their methods of ensuring the Privacy Policy, therefore, before submitting information about himself, the buyer  should familiarize himself with the relevant Internet site rules, Privacy Policy and other documents.

20. The buyer can complete the purchase on website  by signing up or  without registering. A non-registered Buyer is required to provide the following personal details - name, telephone number, e-mail address, shipping address. The buyer is responsible for submitting his own personal data.

21. Persons wishing to register with  must submit their email address and password. During registration, an Account is created. In the Account, the Buyer himself enters his details - name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, therefore, he is solely responsible for the correctness of these data. Buyer at any time can:

21.1. adjust and / or fill in Personal Data in the Account. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of the corrected and / or supplemented data;
21.2. delete / delete all your data by logging into your account and clicking on the "Delete all my data" button.
21.3 download all your data by signing in to your account and clicking on the button "Download all my data".




22. The buyer agrees that his name, email address, telephone number, IP address at  will be processed for operational analysis purposes. Correspondingly  gives the Buyer the right when registering with  or when placing the  order to express his consent or disagreement that his name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address at  will be processed for direct marketing purposes .






23. The Seller confirms that the Personal Data specified by the Buyer will be processed only in order to properly provide the services to Buyers in the online shop  (including the right to participate in sales, projects). The Seller also confirms that the Personal Data specified by the Buyer will be processed for Seller's Activity Analysis and Direct Marketing purposes, provided that such consent is provided and will not be eliminated by the Buyer. The period of storage for Personal Data Uses for Direct Marketing purposes is three calendar years from the date of such data submission.

24. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Customer's Personal Information to third parties except in the following cases:
24.1. if the Buyer's consent is for the disclosure of personal data;
24.2. in the course of ordering or providing other services - to the Seller's partners, who provide goods delivery or other services ordered by the Buyer;

24.3 for direct marketing purposes - to Seller's partners,  will take care of  the written obligations of Seller's partners to comply with the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of Germany;

24.4 to law enforcement institutions in accordance with the procedure provided by the legal acts of Germany;
24.5 if necessary to prevent or investigate criminal offenses.

25. The buyer has the following rights:
25.1. after logging into his account, download all your data by clicking the button "Download all my data";
25.2. requesting the Seller to receive  information in writing, from which sources and what personal data has been collected, for which purpose they are processed, to which data recipients have been provided during the last 1 (one) year. Information to the Buyer is provided via en email address provided to us;
25.3. after logging in to your account, delete all your data by clicking the "Delete all my data" button.
25.4 disagreeing with the Privacy Policy to oppose the processing of his Personal Data. In this case, the Buyer will not be able to purchase the goods and / or services in the online shop

25.5 By expressing his or her disagreement or  in accordance with the described procedure by the subsequent submission of non consent to the processing of his Personal Data for direct marketing purposes.

26. At the time of withdrawal of the Goods, the Buyer's identity document and the Customer's data contained therein are used for identification only for the correct identification of the Seller, a public company, a courier service employee or an employee of the Goods Reception Center.



27. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, the Purchaser agrees that his Personal Information will be used to fulfill his order, regardless of whether he orders the goods and / or services from  as a seller or from the Affiliate, including agreeing that his The personal data will be handed over to Seller's partners, as well as Seller, or the Data Manager assigned to it, for the purposes of analyzing the execution of orders.
28. Personal data of the Purchaser shall be provided to the Member States of the European Union or to other foreign countries under the same conditions and procedure as for entities located in Germany and solely for the purposes provided for in this Privacy Policy.
29. A seller stores Personal Data as long as this person is using services, except as described  in this Privacy Policy. After the Account is canceled in order to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Policy, the Customer's Personal Data may be stored on the Personal Data Manager's server for up to twelve months after the last active Purchaser's action (order), except for the cases specified and lawful request by law enforcement authorities to protect them.

30. The seller, by means of internal organizational and technical measures, ensures that the Personal Data within provided by the Buyer is protected against any illegal actions: the level of unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal data, identity theft, fraud, and personal data protection level would be in line with the requirements of Germany  legal acts.

31. Personal data is protected against unauthorized use and alterations. All Buyer Passwords are encrypted, only Personal Data Controller-authorized persons can sign in to Personal Servers, and only through a secure certificate, as well as all pages that require the Personal Data Entry to be executed via https: // protocol.

32. The Buyer undertakes and is required to keep safe the password and login for  and other data. The Buyer undertakes and must not reveal to third parties other personal data about himself or any third persons if such Personal Data of the third persons were available to him and immediately inform the Seller of the alleged violations.

33. The Buyer agrees in advance that Seller is entitled to keep on the server his  Personal Information  to the extent necessary according to the specifics of the activity, if the data provided by the Buyer has been (i) used in the course of an unlawful act, or (ii) (iii) if the Seller has received complaints relating to the relevant Buyer, or if the Seller has noticed violations of the Rules made by the respective Buyer, or (iv) in the presence of other legitimate purposes of protecting personal data. Such data shall be destroyed upon receipt of instructions from law enforcement or other authorized authorities.

34. By administering  and diagnosing possible failures, the Administrator may use the Buyers IP addresses.




35. The Buyer grants the right to  to collect, manage and store the Customer's Personal Data in such scope and for such purposes as is provided for in the Privacy Policy and in other  documents.
36. The consent to collect, manage, and store Data on the Customer's Personal Data is valid only forwards.

37. If after familiarizing with his Personal Data, the Buyer determines that the Personal Data is collected or received from illegal sources or that the Personal Data is being processed for purposes other than those for which they are provided, the Buyer has the right to apply to by e-mail address to suspend such personal data processing steps. A buyer who uses  without registering and receiving an answer from which observes inaccuracies or errors in his Personal Data, has the right to request that his Personal Information as soon as possible but not later than within 5 (five) working days is corrected or adjusted. A buyer who is a registered user at  can  personalize his Personal Information by logging in to his Account. has the right to adjust, supplement, delete personal data or stop personal data processing actions only after identifying the personality of the Buyer who has applied.
38. If has doubts about the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by the Buyer, it may suspend the processing of Personal Data of these Buyers, to verify and correct these data. Such Personal Data is used only for verifying their accuracy.
39. In pursuance of the above-mentioned rights, the Buyer may apply to using this email address :


40. Cookies may be saved on the Buyer's computer (device) in order to provide the Buyer with a full-fledged online store features at . The Seller uses the information contained in the Buyer's identification as the previous visitor of the Online shop and  the shopping information contained in the Buyer's Shopping Cart, the Online Shopping Store at , and the Collection of Visitors Statistics. The Buyer, accepting the Privacy Policy, agrees that the Cookies provided in this Privacy Policy are recorded on his computer (on the device). This consent may be canceled by the Buyer at any time by changing its Internet browser settings, but in this case, certain online store  features may not work for you.
Another type of cookies is to collect traffic information (collecting statistical information), submit content that matches the interests of the Buyer, and save the attendance history.


41. This Privacy Policy enters into force in 2018. May 25th. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be continued  to this Privacy Policy at point 42.