Extendable platform 300cm TP300

Extendable platform 300cm TP300

Product reference: TP300
25 year global warranty. Guarantee!

Why Us

  • Enhanced Safety: Our must-have product is designed to prevent back injuries with its high-strength anodized aluminum and ultra-slip-resistant surface, ensuring a secure loading and unloading experience.
  • Convenient Handling: Experience hassle-free transportation with the ramp's comfortable and heavy-duty carrying handles, providing ease of use in various situations.
  • German Quality Assurance: As a specialized German brand with years of expertise in ladder and ramp production, we prioritize thicker gauge materials for increased strength and stability. Trust in the long-term durability of our products, backed by our commitment to the highest quality aluminum.

About the product

Our product exemplifies excellence, constructed from premium-grade aluminum that adheres to the stringent EN and CE standards. The innovative interlocking aluminum profile design ensures steadfast support for weights up to an impressive 300kg!

Weight - 11.6kg., Min Length (folded) - 195cm., Max Length (extended) - 300cm., Min Width - 28.6cm., Max Width - 31.8cm., Min Thickness - 5cm., Max Thickness - 6cm., Overlap distance when fully extended - 71cm. (according to the attached image with dimensions)


Installation is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly design that allows for super-fast deployment. Our ramp is ingeniously engineered to be used at any length between the minimum and maximum values. Equipped with Integrated aluminum maximum length stoppers.

Choosing our products signifies a commitment to superior quality. Our manufacturing process utilizes thicker gauge materials, enhancing strength and stability. With years of specialized experience in ladder and ramp production, we, as a German brand, offer steadfast support and stand by our products in the long term. The use of the highest quality aluminum guarantees the robustness and longevity of our exceptional products.


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Extendable platform 300cm TP300